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Blacktown GP Super Clinic – CARING FOR YOUR SKIN

The Eastbrooke Blacktown GP SUPER Clinic now offers a range of cosmetic and skin treatments.

Doctor Dimuthu Samaranayake (Dr Sam), a British qualified general practitioner and cosmetic physician specialises in providing anti ageing treatments such as anti wrinkle injections, injectable dermal fillers, skin peels and the treatment of various dermatological conditions including acne, excessive sweating and hyperpigmentation for both men and women of all ages.

He is a member and diplomate of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Anti wrinkle injections are used for treating frown lines, forehead lines, smile lines, brow lifts, crows feet and bunny lines whilst injectable dermal fillers are used for face sculpturing, cheek augmentation, lip augmentation and correcting smokers lines and more.

Dr Sam is also subspecialised and qualified in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery and offers skin cancer prevention and treatment including skin cancer checks, mole mapping for mole surveillance, skin biopsy and excision surgeries.

For more information or to book in for a consultation on either of these services, please contact the centre directly on (02) 8834 0222 or email

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