Are you planning for your future?

At Eastbrooke, we are seeking family GPs who share our values and sentiments for quality healthcare. We support doctors who share a collective commitment to patient care and understand the value of their reputation. We are proud of our achievements, our people and our collegiate relationship with doctors.

Current Opportunities
As you contemplate your future and your desire to balance lifestyle and career success, we invite you to explore options with Eastbrooke Medical Centres. As the Eastbrooke network grows, we are in a position to offer the following:

Full-time & Part-time VR GPs: Full Time and Part Time VR GP positions are available at selected Eastbrooke Medical Centres. Opportunities exist to take over the patient base of retiring doctors.

Full-time Non-VR GPs: A limited number of non-VR opportunities are available at. DPA classification applies at select locations.

Roaming VR GPs: Full-time contract VR roaming locum GP positions. We offer accommodation, vehicle and travel allowances, with minimum hourly guarantees for the duration of your assignment(s).

Succession Planning: If the timing is right for you, a range of succession options are available for your practice with Eastbrooke Medical centres. We understand that you want to be rewarded for your hard work, leave a legacy and look after your staff.

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Or for an immediate confidential discussion, contact Ms Areena Rata, Operations Manager, Eastbrooke Medical Centres on 0431 541 977 or email

Helping you to thrive!
Eastbrooke works directly with GPs to overcome challenges presented to our industry.

At Eastbrooke:

  • We are not interested in being the largest, but rather ensuring we build on our reputation for quality.
  • We are proud of our achievements and respect the doctors and staff who build this success.
  • We strive for positive patient experiences and support doctors to deliver the best patient outcomes.

For us, it is about seeking an equilibrium between family, profession, friends and a comfortable financial future. As you achieve professional success, we understand that your priorities can change as you start to pursue other interests or allow yourself to chase important life-long goals.

We believe in quality health care and to meet this objective, we are seeking like-minded doctors, who share our commitment to patient care and who understand the value in mixed billing.

Seeking Doctors with Shared Values

At Eastbrooke, we are carefully planning for our future. With over 15 years of experience in managing medical practices, we understand that every doctor is different and we respond to their needs individually. When planning for the future, we seek a balance between professional life, the needs of family and friends and the pursuit of personal interests. To achieve these objectives, we work with like-minded doctors who share our values.

Delivering the best in patient care is the guiding principle of our business. Care for our doctors and support staff naturally follows.

By looking after ourselves, we are able to offer better care for patients.

Our service agreements are designed to provide doctors flexibility to pursue other interests or allow for opportunities to achieve other life-long goals.

Our open and transparent approach forms the foundation of every business partnership.

We earn and keep the trust of our doctors and continue to value every partnership.

We understand that you have other passions and commitments in life. We can work with you on full-time or part-time working arrangements to suit you and your family.

Why does Mixed Billing work for Eastbrooke Doctors?


  • Opportunity to increase income
  • Allows for more time with patients
  • Better clinical outcomes for patients
  • Our profession is given the respect it deserves

Eastbrooke Mixed Billing Clinics


  • NSW
  • VIC
  • QLD

For a confidential discussion, please contact Ms Areena Rata, Operations Manager, Eastbrooke Medical Centres on 0431 541 977 or email

Alternatively, we invite you to contact Eastbrooke Directors:
Simon de Picot 
0422 932 298
Andrew de Picot
0414 929 687

Dr Gunu Naker being honoured with a prestigious Medal of the Order (OAM) at the Australia Day Awards 2020.

Eastbrooke in Our Community

We always like to work with GPs who share our values and demonstrate a commitment to quality patient care. Through a number of charitable community outreach activities, we support doctors who share a sense of generosity and a collective commitment to health and wellbeing, for people from all walks of life. For example, Dr Gunu Naker from our Carlton clinic has a long history in volunteering for Sai Medicare Camps in rural Fiji. We are proud of our people, our achievements and our relationships with philanthropic doctors like Dr Naker.
Dr Gunu Naker was also honoured with a prestigious Medal of the Order (OAM) for his service to the international community and medicine at the Australia Day Awards 2020.