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Eastbrooke supports World Family Doctor Day

Today is World Family Doctor Day which is an initiative of the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA). The first World Family Doctor Day was celebrated on 19 May 2010 and it has since been taken up around the world. This annual event has given everyday people a chance to celebrate and provide recognition to family doctors for the all of the work that they deliver in supporting health care for people across our local communities, our nations and around the world.

The general practitioners from Eastbrooke Medical Centres have enthusiastically participated in support of today’s event by displaying posters within their individual practices and contributing to the #IchoseGP campaign. We had many doctors across our Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian medical practices provide for us their personal reason of why they “choseGP”.

Dr Leo Agagiotis from the Eastbrooke Medical Centre Carlton wrote “#IchoseGP because I want to help make a difference in people’s lives and keep them healthy for as long as I can!” Dr Avinash Joshi also from the Carlton practice wrote “#IchoseGP because I can serve people and it is never boring”. Dr Faten Selim wrote “I like to comfort people and solve their health and emotional issues to be able to live a healthier life”

Dr Jessie Chowdhury from the Eastbrooke Chisholm Family Practice wrote “#IchoseGP because we care for you, top to bottom, inside to outside, for not only you, but for your whole family”

Dr Tammy Goldberg from the Eastbrooke Family Clovelly Medical Practice wrote “#IchoseGP because of the privilege of being trusted by my patients with their personal and medical issues”

When asked why they “chose to be a GP”, Dr Zara Mason from the Eastbrooke Family Clinic Burleigh Waters wrote “because I get to help people improve their health and lives everyday”, Dr Sue Blum wrote “because I enjoy the challenge of treating families long term”, Dr Karynne Finniear wrote “I like to feel what I do makes a positive difference” and Dr Anne Spooner wrote Because I love every part of medicine and enjoy the longer term care of my families”

Our general practitioners from Victoria also participated with Dr Tereza Rada from the Eastbrooke Family Clinic Doncaster writing “#IchoseGP because I love looking after whole families” and Dr Mamatha Gandham from the Eastbrooke Family Clinic Essendon saying “#IchoseGP because I wanted to be a doctor since I was 4 years old, inspired by my own GP who always put back my smile when I was sick. I love the satisfaction of helping people. My career gives me the skills to help those in need

Eastbrooke Medical Centres would like to take this day to say a direct “thank you!” to all of the general practitioners worldwide for all the hard work that you do and everything you deliver in regards to providing and supporting health care to the local community.

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