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At Eastbrooke Medical Centres, Paratus Clinical offer an opportunity for patients to become involved in Clinical Research. Eastbrooke works with Paratus Clinical to allow access to Clinical Trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas. A dedicated and highly-trained team of Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Providers work closely with our GPs to conduct Clinical Trials. Participating in research is voluntary – it is important that you never feel forced to take part in a trial.

Clinical trials enable consumers to access the newest, most up-to-date research treatments, before they are available to the general public. Participating in a clinical trial may also allow consumers to gain advice and treatment from leading medical experts in cutting edge medical facilities and provide them with greater understanding of their condition or illness.

  • Participating in a clinical trial also allows a consumer to play an active role in their healthcare and their treatment.
  • Clinical trials may be important for people with rare or difficult to treat conditions for which there may be limited evidence about how the condition is best treated or managed.
  • People participating in clinical trials may be monitored more closely and comprehensively compared with those receiving standard treatment.
  • Other consumers may benefit in the future through the lessons learned, both good and bad, during the clinical trial.

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Research is available at the following Eastbrooke Medical Centres:

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