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Pathology is a medical specialty that focuses on determining the cause and nature of diseases. By analysing and testing body tissue and fluids, pathology enables medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients correctly.

Pathology has a central role in all stages of life, from unborn children through to the elderly. It is vital for the detection and treatment of most medical conditions, from cancer, diabetes and heart disease, to infections, allergies and infertility.

Pathology in Australia combines sophisticated technology with highly skilled, caring staff to give patients, families, carers, medical staff and governments the best service possible. Pathology services are an essential part of almost all aspects of a patient’s healthcare.

The in-house Pathology service at our medical centres can collect blood and other specimens for testing.

If you would like more information or would like to make a booking with a Pathologist, please contact your preferred Eastbrooke clinic.


Source: Know Pathology, Know Healthcare.

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