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About Us

At Eastbrooke, we are proud of our reputation. We believe in principles and our values shape the way we pursue our vision and manage our centres.

Our values for Patients are:

    1. We believe that the doctor-patient relationship is one of the most important relationships in each of our lives.
    2. We believe in family doctors.
    3. We believe that doctors, nurses and staff should all contribute to providing the best treatment.
    4. We believe it is not how many patients a doctor sees, but how well each patient is treated.
    5. We believe that patients will come to our centres because we offer them the best care in one place for all their needs.

Our values for Doctors are:

    1. We believe in attracting the best doctors to our centres.
    2. We believe you should be able to place your trust in your colleagues.
    3. We believe in your freedom of choice and clinical autonomy.
    4. We believe in your wider role in the community.
    5. We believe that you will choose to practice medicine in our centres if we prove that we deserve to be your preferred choice and that a fixed-term contract is not the best basis for this relationship.

If you share these values, or would like further information about working together, please contact us for further information.

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