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Blacktown GP Super Clinic opens Health Club

For the first time in Australia, Fitness has met Medical. Located within the Blacktown GP Super Clinic, the all new Viva Health Club recently opened its doors to members.


The first member to join Viva Health Club was local Doonside resident Fran Hughes. When asked why she joined the new health club Fran responded:

“I received an SMS from my medical centre and was excited to hear that it was the first Health Club in Australia where Fitness meets Medical. I rang the centre straight away and booked in for a visit”

The central aim of Viva Health Club is to promote health and fitness to individuals seeking general conditioning, weight loss, nutritional advice in addition to those with medical conditions.

The service offering that sets it apart from “ordinary” gyms is the “3 point health check” and the support system that surrounds the membership. This includes an initial medical examination conducted by a GP to identify any pre-existing medical conditions, a health screen and fitness assessment by a qualified exercise physiologist plus a consult with a dietitian to learn better eating habits and deliver a set meal plan.

Fran continued on to say “When I had my examination with Dr Keighery my trusted doctor of 18 years, he wished me luck on my weight loss journey. The health assessment was very positive for me, they asked me questions I had never been asked in 45 years relating to what my ultimate goals are. I think people don’t understand just how hard it is for overweight people, there is a lot of judgement and a lot of things taken for granted.”

Viva Health Club has an aim to help, support and motivate Fran and all people striving and attaining to living a better and healthier long term way of life.

When asked what effect Viva Health Club had had on Fran’s life, her response was ““My self-confidence has just sky rocketed – this is a LIFE changing experience for me. Michelle (Viva’s Club coordinator) is my mentor, she is just amazing! I feel great and I have so much energy after only 8 weeks. I felt bad that I was always the last to cross the road, but now I am able to keep up, and it’s a FANTASTIC feeling!”

Owner and Director of the Health Club Simon de Picot said “with the prevalence of chronic diseases so high in the Western Suburbs, specifically Blacktown, we set out the business model of Viva to help combat this – and to give people a real chance at reaching their goals by providing a “fitness meets medical” support system.”

Fran has a goal to lose 20kg by the end of this year and is currently looking for a training partner with the same ambitions.

You can visit Viva Health Club on 112 Main Street Blacktown, call (02) 9671 2233 or visit for more information.

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