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COVID-19 Isolation Rule Changes

Mandatory isolation requirements for COVID-19 ended on 14 October 2022. It’s no longer necessary for people with COVID-19 to isolate, with Australian authorities scrapping rules which have been in place for the pandemic.

However, if you test positive, you should stay at home to avoid infecting others and reduce any unnecessary delay in recovery.

Please continue to do your part for our community. If you are sick, get the care you need and stay home. You also must avoid high-risk settings like aged and disability care facilities or hospitals and visiting vulnerable family and friends while unwell. If you must leave home, please wear a mask.

And although the registration of positive rapid antigen tests is no longer mandatory, it’s still encouraged as a voluntary practice.

You are still required to wear a mask when you visit Eastbrooke. Medical centres are sensitive, high-risk locations, and our collective responsibility remains to keep staff, doctors and patients (particularly the elderly and vulnerable) safe from severe illness.

If you have flu-like symptoms, contact your nearest Eastbrooke clinic to discuss safe options for your next GP consultation. Telehealth consultations are still available in some situations. Our clinic can help you access the most appropriate care for your circumstances.

Key Messages: COVID-19 is still with us, and some people are at higher risk of severe illness. We can help each other move forward safely by continuing to stay up to date with vaccinations, practising good hygiene, and staying home if you are unwell.

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