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COVID-19 Vaccine Update – Most At-Risk Patients Only

Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination program has started with those most at risk in our community, including health care workers, quarantine, aged care and disability workers and the people they look after in care accommodation.

Eastbrooke Medical Centres has been approved to participate in the upcoming stages (starting with 1b) of the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout.

The government has approved Eastbrooke clinics to commence vaccinations between 22 March through to mid April.  Like all other medical centres, we are under strict instructions from the government to prioritise the elderly, vulnerable and other high-risk patients.

The upcoming (Stage 1b) will include vaccinations for the following:
• Elderly adults aged 70+
• Health care workers
• Adults with specific medical conditions
• Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander adults 55+
• Adults with a disability
• Critical & high-risk workers – police, fire, emergency services
If you are part of these first high-risk categories, Eastbrooke will contact you via SMS or by phone to book your vaccination at the clinic.

Please understand that every clinic will be issued a limited number of doses each week and it will take several weeks for each group to be vaccinated.

Use the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility checker to find out when you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Summary – What You Need to Know:
• Your Eastbrooke Clinic is an Approved Vaccination Hub – Eastbrooke satisfied strict criteria by government health authorities to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine.
• The Vaccine is Safe – The vaccine has passed rigorous testing and has therefore been approved by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia.
• The Vaccine Will Be Available to Anyone Who Wants it – The Government has secured sufficient vaccinations for ALL Australian residents. This includes the ability to produce supplies of the vaccine here in Australia.
• The Vaccine is Free – The Australian Government will pay for the cost of vaccination.
• No Need to Contact Us Yet – At this early stage of the vaccine rollout, limited supplies mean we must be strict about vaccinating priority patients only. When it is your turn or if supplies are available to more patients, Eastbrooke will keep you informed.

Anyone concerned about the vaccination and its effect on underlying health conditions should consult with their GP.

Keep Your Details Up to Date

We encourage you to maintain accurate contact details with your Eastbrooke GP so that we can keep you well informed and give you access to treatments as they become available.

If we don’t have your up-to-date contact details, including your mobile phone number, please contact your clinic. We will contact patients via SMS, phone and email when the vaccine is available to them.


More Information

Find out more about COVID-19 vaccines and getting vaccinated in Australia.

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