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Eastbrooke opens new clinic in Doncaster

On Monday 2nd May 2016 Eastbrooke officially opened the Eastbrooke Family Clinic Doncaster.

Located in Victoria, the Doncaster Clinic (previously known as Serpells Road Medical Centre) is a well-established clinic who has been servicing the local community for over 30 years.

Christine Lianas from the Eastbrooke Family Clinic Essendon assisted with the integration and commented “the amalgamation of the two centres went very smoothly as all of our team members played a pivotal part in the transition”

The Eastbrooke Family Clinic Doncaster consists of an experienced team of six doctors including both male and female GP’s with varied special interests including Women’s and Children’s Health, Aged Care, Rehabilitation, Geriatrics, Men’s Health, antenatal shared care and addiction medicine. The centre also offers lactation consulting services.

The Eastbrooke Family Clinic Doncaster is the fifteenth medical centre operated by Eastbrooke Medical Centres.

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