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eScripts now Available at Eastbrooke

Eastbrooke now has access to eScript technology, allowing your doctor to write a prescription for your medication and send it electronically to your pharmacy.

Over the past few months, the Australian Government, in collaboration with states and territories, has accelerated the delivery of electronic prescribing to help protect people most at-risk from COVID-19. Several progressive healthcare groups, including Eastbrooke, have worked quickly to implement eScript functionality as part of an initial trial. This followed changes made to Commonwealth Government legislation to recognise electronic subscriptions as a legal form to allow the supply of medicines.

Paper prescriptions are still available, but with the consent of each patient, electronic prescriptions offer a convenient alternative by reducing the risk of infection being spread in general practice waiting rooms and at community pharmacies, particularly when used hand-in-hand with telehealth consultations.

Are eScripts available everywhere?
At this point, no. The full national rollout of electronic prescriptions (eScripts) has been temporarily placed on hold, with the Australian Digital Health Agency asking GP software companies to pause roll-out.

Authorities have found that despite a swift take-up from the GP community, the readiness of pharmacies to accept eScripts and issue medication via the new functionality is not yet at a workable level. Many pharmacies have not yet implemented the required technology, forcing clinics to check with each pharmacy to see if they accept eScripts before processing. This requirement has added an additional logistical and efficiency challenge for clinics and does not deliver flexibility, choice and convenience that electronic prescription technology is designed to deliver.

Authorities are yet to confirm when eScripts will be more widely available but have indicated that they will be progressing with a staged release, beginning in Melbourne, the regional Victoria, followed by Sydney and other capital cities.

Why can I still access eScripts with Eastbrooke?
GP’s who were early adopters and have already updated their software to issue eScripts will still be able to issue prescriptions electronically. This means your Eastbrooke clinic can still issue eScripts to your participating local pharmacy, even though the national rollout has been placed on hold. Check with your Pharmacy to see if they can accept electronic prescriptions.

eScript capability represents a positive step forward for patient access to better healthcare, particularly during this COVID-19 pandemic.


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