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Health Assessments

Health assessments are now available at your local Eastbrooke Medical Clinic for patients aged 75 years or older to help achieve independence and improve your quality of life.


What is a Health Assessment?
Health assessments can assist you to review, manage and improve your independence and help you maintain good overall health. Your assessment will help identify existing or potential health issues. We will work with you to implement plans and initiatives to improve your quality of life.

Who is eligible for a Health Assessment?
Australians aged over 75 years are eligible, in addition to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders over 55 years old. People within this age group are likely to experience their greatest levels of disability or health issues.

How much does a Health Assessment cost?
Eligible patients who have a Health Assessment are covered by Medicare; however, doctors cannot attend to issues outside the scope of your assessment unless previously arranged (eg. immunisations, scripts or routine referrals).

What is involved in a Health Assessment?
Your health assessment will help to determine your current overall health status, as well as identify the assistance you may need to maintain your health and independence.

Documentation and Review
A report is generated from your assessment that can identify health and wellbeing needs, to assist you with improving and maintaining your independence at home. A list of your current medication will be documented and reviewed, including tablets, puffers, drops, creams and vitamins.

Physical Function
An assessment of daily living is performed, considering you and your environment. We review how you manage day to- day activities, such as your ability to move safely around your home and in the community, your ability to attend to personal hygiene safely, your ability to go shopping and to prepare food. We may be able to make suggestions, discuss proactive health strategies or refer to services
that can assist your safety and independence.

Psychological Function
Unrecognised dementia is common between the ages of 55 to 75 and in these cases, a detailed diagnosis can often improve your quality of life. The assessment also covers mental health, where the use of a formal depression scale may be used.

Social Function
Connection with family and friends is important and can have a positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Our social networks tend to become smaller as we age. We can help you make worthwhile connections within your community.

Are you a carer?
Caring for the carer is paramount to maintaining health and wellbeing. If you are caring for another person, this assessment should include an evaluation of the effect this role has on your health and functioning. Information will be available on local carer support services, including regular and respite services.

Where is the Health Assessment performed?
A health assessment can be performed at your home or at Eastbrooke Family Medical. Home visits can give us insights into your environment to improve our assessment. A family member, carer or friend can also attend with you. A follow-up appointment will be required to review and discuss your assessment, with your usual GP and the Practice Nurse.

How often can a Health Assessment be done?
Because your health and needs change from year to year as you age, it is recommended the 75 years and over Health Assessment is conducted annually. Your doctor will give you a written report of your Health Assessment and any recommendations will be discussed with you during a follow-up visit.

To book an appointment with your GP or talk to the practice nurse please contact your local Eastbrooke Medical clinic.

Health Assessments is available at the following Eastbrooke Medical Centres:

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