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Supporting Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week

Women’s Health Week is a week that highlights the importance to women about their overall health and wellbeing. The campaign, which was held between the 4th and the 8th of September, was a weeklong event that organisations and communities are able to get involved with and support, and was created to start conversations regarding Australian women’s health

Many women find that they don’t have time, or just don’t believe it to be a priority, when it comes to their health. As busy people, women can sometimes ignore the warning signs of a health concern, which is why Jean Hailes started the Women’s Health Week journey.

Jean Hailes aims to motivate women across the country to think about their health and have access to informed information regarding the steps they can take to keep their health in optimal condition. Women’s Health Week is designed to get women putting themselves first, and taking care of their health to prepare for the future.

Some of the most common health concerns for the female Australian population include cardiovascular diseases, cancer, mental health concerns and issues related to obstetrics and gynaecology. Indigenous females are also at higher risk of specific diseases*.

With these health concerns in mind, Women’s Health Week endeavours to help women effectively practice behaviours that will put them at a lower risk of diseases and illnesses. Each day of the week is designated to a certain issue or concern, which all have an impact on our health. The topics that were given for the 2017 campaign were:

Monday: Find out how to keep your heart healthy.

Tuesday: Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your lifestyle to target mental health concerns.

Wednesday: Bone health is something all women should be considering, even from a younger age.

Thursday: Learn tips and tricks for maintaining regular physical activity, even on a busy schedule.

Friday: Find how fatigue can affect our productivity and quality of life.

The importance of Women’s Health Checks

It is advised by VIC Health Australia that all women should have a general check-up annually by their GP.

Visiting your doctor for regular medical check-ups will help you stay healthy and may pick up early warning signs for various diseases and / or illnesses including cardiovascular (heart) disease, diabetes and some cancers may be picked up in their early stages, when treatment is often more effective.

If you are at high risk of a particular disease (for example, if you have a family history of it – it is recommended that you get checked more frequently, and at an earlier age)*


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